Threat Hunting:
Addressing The Need For Speed

Faster detection is key to limiting damage. Gray Analytics can help you find and analyze threats that may already be present in your environment.

Our adversaries and cyber criminals are becoming stealthier, more sophisticated, and more destructive. As the tactics, techniques, and procedures of bad actors evolve, sometimes even the most well-designed defenses can miss threats inside your networks. These sophisticated actors can “hide” in plain sight, allowing them to bide their time, continuously and surreptitiously gather sensitive information, and execute an attack at a time of their choosing.

As a result, faster detection is key to limiting damage. Gray Analytics has the ability to iteratively and proactively “hunt” these threats so that the worst-case scenarios are less likely to happen. We can scan endpoints for known threats and malware as well as install traffic monitoring solutions to help you more actively manage real-time threats and eliminate infiltrators before the damage is done.

Using situational awareness and active threat intelligence, Gray Analytics can help you identify where adversaries may already have a foothold and provide remediation strategies when necessary.

Take the next step to securing your operation.

Our experts understand how attackers think and can figure out the different ways a cyber criminal could infiltrate your operation. Even better, we can use that information to preemptively shore up your vulnerabilities and help limit weaknesses and access points.