Cybersecurity Risk and Readiness Assessments:
The Big 3 – People, Process, and Technology

Comprehensive assessments of people, process, and technology are paramount to understanding the ability of an organization to detect, defend, and recover from a cyber-attack. Gray Analytics provides the depth and breadth of expertise to review and understand an organization’s cyber landscape in all three domains.

In today’s interconnected information economy, the protection of customer information, employee assets, and intellectual property requires the proven expertise that Gray Analytics offers. From assessing the perimeter of your network to the health of your end-points and all in-between, we analyze, recommend, and implement defense-in-depth strategies to ensure the technology is effectively deployed against the threats.

Assessing the readiness of human capital and providing improvement strategies is the single most important factor in reducing the occurrences of cyber incidents across an organization. Our extensive knowledge and experience in how people react to threats such as phishing attacks or business email compromise help you create solutions that provide the first line of operational defense against cyber threats.

Finally, having well-defined, repeatable processes to ensure basic cyber-hygiene provides an easy way to measure the cyber-health of any organization.

Gray Analytics creates these comprehensive assessments so you can feel confident that risks to your business are clearly identified and effectively mitigated.