Red/Blue Team Services:
War-Gaming For Victory

Make no mistake, whether you realize it or not you are truly at war – a cyber war. Malicious actors want to steal information and identities; install malware; gain unauthorized access to networks, systems, and applications; conduct espionage, sabotage, or insider threat activities; or make a political statement in cyberspace.

Organizations today must prepare themselves to fight and survive this war. Gray Analytics Red and Blue Team Services will help your organization prepare in a way that gives you confidence that you are well prepared, managed, and defended. And should the worst-case happen, you will be prepared to respond quickly and effectively.

Using the Red/Blue Team approach, Gray Analytics can simulate real-world attacks and engineer appropriate defenses so your organization understands how an attacker thinks and reacts…and be prepared to respond and defeat the intruder.

Cyber war-gaming is the overall exercise that can include penetration testing, threat hunting, social engineering, defensive mechanisms, and mitigation strategies. You can choose one or all the service offerings based on what best fits your organizational needs. These engagements can be publicized or covert depending on the goal of your organization. If it’s just the offensive you’re looking for, we can help. If you are looking to learn how to defend, we can train your organization to perform the necessary actions to mitigate the attacks. If you want us to defend for you, we do that, too. Our goal is to work as a team with your organization to improve your security, based on your specific needs.