Ransomware Response

A proactive approach that expects and preemptively prepares for a breach is critical against today’s constantly evolving cyber criminals.

Ransomware has become one of the most prevalent tools in today’s cyber criminals’ toolbox. We have the knowledge to help you anticipate and prepare for this type of attack. We offer disaster recovery assistance to aide in the recovery of your systems and data.

Implementing an adequate incident response plan may be the only thing between an organization and lost revenue or production. Our team has extensive experience developing and maintaining incident response plans. We emphasize a proactive approach that expects and preemptively prepares for a data breach, as opposed to being unprepared and having to react after it is too late.

We place a strong emphasis on understanding the types of information that are critical to your operation, where that information resides, and developing and testing restoration plans in the event of compromise.

We can help you recover from a breach or prepare for a worst-case scenario.

We know how critical it is to be prepared ahead of time in case you find yourself a victim of a breach. We can help get plans in place so that if the worst happens your operation can already be one step closer to recovery.