Cybersecurity Risk Management:
Gray Analytics Is Meeting The Need

One of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity is that sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. That lack of threat visibility can be a serious vulnerability.

At Gray Analytics we understand that defining an organization’s purpose, mission, and goals relative to cybersecurity is the first step to success. To gain this understanding, initial scoping is vital. Once we understand your exact situation and requirements we can help define your cyber goals and then provide recommendations based on the most cost-effective solutions. Gray Analytics will never try to sell something that you don’t need – our goal-based approach provides a performance-based cyber program.

From Supply Chain Intelligence to Enterprise Cybersecurity, we provide best-practice services across a broad spectrum of cyber scenarios for both government and commercial customers. We start by helping you define your biggest threats, with proven follow-through for managing and defending critical ecosystems.

Cybersecurity can seem like one big gray area. At Gray Analytics, we’ve got that covered.


Cybersecurity Risk Management
& Regulatory Compliance

The risk and potential financial impact of a cyberattack have never been higher, and increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals are now targeting organizations of all sizes. Our team of cybersecurity experts offers end-to-end solutions and services that will keep your operation and your data safe, secure, and compliant.


Gray Analytics understands the importance of the security of your supply chain. Whether for food, medicine, consumer goods, or national defense systems, the security and veracity of the supply chain is critical. Our team has the skills, knowledge, and tools such as ChainShield™, our supply chain intelligence tool, to assess and secure your supply chain.

The Investigations Group

The Gray Analytics Investigations Group has been directly involved in litigation, investigations, digital forensics, and prosecutions at the highest levels of state and federal government. Our technical capabilities supplement extensive forensic and investigative experience to provide our clients an unparalleled blend of bona fide skills, qualifications, and acumen.


Gray Analytics provides DevSecOps expertise in designing safe and protected infrastructure to support secure and agile software development. Proper infrastructure is the foundation for any successful DevSecOps program, and our experts will work with you to understand your development requirements and your market space to design the most practical environment for your needs.


Gray Analytics supports the defense, space, cyber, and commercial fields through Hypersonics Engineering. Services offered include systems-of-systems architectural engineering, testing of hypersonic programs, completing technical assessments, modeling and simulation, and more.


Gray Analytics provides Command & Control, Communications, Computers, Cybersecurity, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (C5ISR) systems-of-systems architectural engineering, systems engineering, testing and evaluation, and rapid prototyping to ensure warfighters have the data and intelligence necessary to effectively execute diverse missions.

Take the next step to accomplishing your cybersecurity goals.

Our team of experts stands ready to help you strengthen your defenses and prevent, mitigate, and recover from your key risks and vulnerabilities.