The Gray Analytics Investigations Group

Digital Forensics, Sensitive Internal Investigations, & Compliance Oversight

The Gray Analytics Investigations Group has been directly involved in litigation, investigations, digital forensics, and prosecutions at the highest levels of state and federal government. Our technical capabilities supplement extensive forensic and investigative experience to provide our clients an unparalleled blend of bona fide skills, qualifications, and acumen.
Our team of experts and vast network of professionals, led by former United States Attorney Jay Town, provide a diverse set of capabilities across investigative, forensic, and oversight needs. We have the experience, training, and credentials to fulfill your corporate or client needs.
Gray Analytics will make your legal position stronger by deploying its vast array of cyber, digital, forensic, and legal resources to develop, advance, enhance, and perfect the advocacy of our clients.
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Digital Forensics & Imaging

Experiencing a data breach? Ransomware? Malware? Theft of intellectual property or trade secrets? In need of an internal investigation of suspected employee-related conduct? The Gray Analytics team of certified experts and network of professionals offers your company or your clients a proper first response to any incident that requires digital forensic or imaging solutions. We have the experience to locate, uncover, protect, and defend critical information to any potential, impending, or ongoing investigation.

Gray Analytics provides full capabilities related to digital forensics. From capture, to analysis, to reporting, we have the required expertise to support investigations and proceedings where digital evidence is critical in determining the facts.

Our staff understands the sensitivity and criticality of obtaining the necessary evidence and protecting it. Data integrity and chains of custody are vital in our collection procedures so that our work product is a viable tool in preparing responses to incidents such as IP theft, HR cases, insider threats, corporate espionage, and harassment cases. We offer a wide variety of services and capabilities to support your cases, including:

  • Damage Assessment – Assessing and understanding the damage that has occurred, including assessing the level of network penetration, intellectual property theft, data alteration, or malicious destruction, while providing a constructive pathway for our clients to rectify any system vulnerabilities, mitigating any future breaches or network attacks.
  • Network Scanning & Analysis – Providing historical and present evidence of adverse, malicious, or uncontrolled activities by internal and external actors gives our clients clarity on the extent of penetration, vulnerabilities, and universe of solution measures.
  • Electronic Imaging & Analysis – Identifying and preserving potentially valuable evidence of theft or breach through forensic imaging and analysis gives our clients the greatest opportunity of recovery, discovery, and prevention of further data loss. Our digital forensic experts are qualified and certified in providing imaging services for:
    • Removable media
    • Mobile devices – we can provide full image capability and analysis of cell phones (both iOS and Android)
    • Disk and memory – we can image servers/ desktops/ laptops, as well as what is resident in memory on these devices
  • Litigation & Expert Witness Support – Our team of experts offers experience and expertise in developing, preparing, and providing expert witness testimony. Whether it be for discovery, depositions, or trial, the experts at Gray Analytics Investigation Group can make your case better!
  • Cloud-based Forensics – Our team of experts offer forensics experience with O365, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and other cloud-based platforms.

Expert Certifications: Our team brings to bear the following certifications:

  • Certified Technical Investigator (CTI)
  • Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist (CEECS)
  • Certified Forensics Computer Examiner (CFCE)
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)


Sensitive Internal Investigations

The Gray Analytics Investigations Group’s team of experts and network of professionals have the capability to conduct fully confidential investigations into data breaches, employee misconduct, intellectual property theft, trade secret theft, unauthorized data exfiltration, exposure analysis, or any investigative need our clients demand. Gray Analytics combines technical expertise with unrivaled professional experience to ensure thorough and dispositive reviews, inquiries, assessments, and investigations.


Ransomware & Malware Attack Solutions

Timely stopping the active breach and recovering the compromised data is the goal of any ransomware or malware victim. Reacting quickly and engaging critically at the time of attack gives our clients the greatest opportunity at recovery. Our team of certified experts and network of professionals can react quickly, strive to maintain confidentiality, recover swiftly, and return your network.


Monitoring Agreements

Companies, firms, and their clients can face myriad challenges when restructuring their business, entering bankruptcy, during a merger or acquisition, or when under state or federal oversight. Establishing effective controls, management tools, appropriate training, and other monitoring functions provide our clients peace of mind during any period of transition, corporate sale event, or any interruption of corporate functionality.

Gray Analytics provides the legitimacy to periods of corporate transition, intervention, or oversight allowing incontestable integrity to that process while working tirelessly to mitigate business interruption, economic loss, or reputational exposure.

The Gray Analytics team has the reputation and expertise to provide total security to any transition, intervention, or restructuring process. During precarious intervals in business, our staff affords our clients the support and confidence to avoid unnecessary pitfalls while transitioning proficiently.


Compliance Oversight

Our network of lawyers, former federal and state investigators, compliance analysts, and cyber experts provide a unique blend of skill and proficiency to assist companies, firms, and their clients with specialized regulatory and oversight compliance.

Whether a private company or a government agency, court-ordered and statutory compliance frameworks present unique challenges. Ensuring full compliance with privacy regulations, court orders, or statutory mandates often requires certification of progress and legitimacy. Gray Analytics has the expertise and experience to provide internal assessments of compliance with regulations, policies, agreements, crisis management, and institutional oversight. Our experts can also identify trends in regulations, help predict future “hot spots” in oversight, and then develop a leadership or management plan to navigate an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Our staff understands the criticality of ensuring robust compliance with regulations, court orders, and legal requirements and will work tirelessly to provide the tools and the path to compliance. The team at Gray Analytics can provide risk assessments, regulatory gap analysis, and proactive compliance audits that allow our clients to forge ahead with confidence and certainty.


Litigation Support

The network of professionals at Gray Analytics provides law firms, companies, and their clients a vast array of litigation support services. From external and internal investigations to digital forensic capabilities, Gray Analytics has the experience to locate, uncover, protect, and defend critical information in any potential, impending, or ongoing litigation.

We provide thorough case and evidence assessments while striving to improve the litigative posture of our clients. No matter the complexity of the litigation, our team can respond immediately and with precision. Gray Analytics delivers an unmatched combination of expertise in digital forensics, cyber, case analysis and trial preparation.

Gray Analytics will make your legal position stronger by deploying its vast array of cyber, digital, forensic, and legal resources to develop, advance, enhance, and perfect the advocacy of our clients.