Hypersonics, Simulation, Test, & Analysis

Gray Analytics has unmatched expertise in the areas of hypersonics, simulation, test, and analysis. We can leverage our extensive expertise in test planning/execution as well as test infrastructure to develop and execute Integrated Master Test Plans (IMTPs) that make optimal use of national test and simulation capabilities to provide the data required to assess system performance.

We can also create game-changing, integrated software development and test capabilities through our experience integrating Agile Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) capabilities with Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) infrastructure.

The Gray Analytics team has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of national test capabilities used to develop and execute optimal test programs for air, missile, space, and C5ISR systems. Test programs developed by Gray Analytics reduce risk in technically challenging areas, provide insight into system performance, and lead to successful system development.

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Gray Analytics can support engineering design and test for hypersonic systems in the following highly specialized areas:

  • Stage/Shroud Separation
  • Aero-Optical Effects
  • Aero-Thermal Effects
  • Aerodynamic Effects
  • Jet Interaction Effects
  • Threat Signatures
  • Lethality
  • Kill Vehicle Sensor Software in the Loop (SIL) and Hardware in the Loop (HWIL)
  • Scene Generation Systems

Gray Analytics personnel are intimately familiar with simulation tools and test capabilities for hypersonic systems and can support you and your need to develop a comprehensive test program to determine hypersonic system performance.


Missile System Test Planning & Execution

Gray Analytics can shepherd the entire test process from planning through execution and data delivery to systems engineering for analysis and assessment.

We can provide missile system test planning and execution support for:

  • Developmental testing
  • Operational testing
  • Ground test
  • Flight test

Test planning includes the development of test plans and ensures:

  • Red force and blue force representations are operationally realistic
  • Scenarios are designed to provide required data for:
    • Requirements verification
    • Simulation verification & validation (V&V)
    • Performance assessments

Test planning and execution support also includes data collection and management plans to ensure:

  • Instrumentation required to collect the needed data is in place
  • Collected data gets to the analyst(s) that need the data


Test Infrastructure

Gray Analytics has unmatched expertise in managing, developing, upgrading, and utilizing national test resources and infrastructure, including:

  • Wind Tunnels
  • Space Chambers
  • Gun Ranges and Sled Tracks
  • Arc Heaters
  • Rocket/Turbine Engine Test Cells
  • Ground/Airborne IR Sensors
  • Range Telemetry Systems
  • Test Communication Systems
  • Hardware in the Loop
  • Software in the Loop

We can utilize our extensive expertise of national test capabilities to:

  • Develop test programs that optimally leverage capabilities of each facility
  • Develop test programs that provide required verification & validation (V&V) data for modeling and simulation
  • Identify gaps in test capabilities and upgrades required to close the gaps


Agile Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and Hardware in the Loop (HWIL) Integration

Gray Analytics can integrate CI/CD Pipeline capabilities with Hardware in the Loop (HWIL)/Software in the Loop (SIL) infrastructure to accelerate development by tightening the feedback between software developers and high-fidelity HWIL/SIL test capabilities.

Specifically, we can integrate Agile CI/CD software development capabilities into SIL and HWIL capabilities in order to:

  • Accelerate development by automating regression, verification, and performance testing
  • Accelerate analysis by using real-time log and message monitoring to discover outliers with respect to requirements, models runs, and/or historical data
  • Quickly provide model and software developers test and analysis results
  • Reduce life cycle costs by finding issues earlier using HWIL/SIL capabilities during software development
  • Increase insight into software development progress, quality, and security

Engage us to support your hypersonic and test needs.

Our experts offer a wide variety of national test capabilities used to develop and execute optimal test programs for air, missile, space, and C5ISR systems.