Agile Software Development Infrastructure

Proper infrastructure is the foundation for any successful DevSecOps program, and we are experts at designing safe and protected environments to support the agile development of secure software.

Most companies are chasing the “first to market” concept with new software products and product upgrades, which often risks sacrificing accuracy, reliability, and security. A properly configured DevSecOps software development infrastructure helps guard against these sacrifices and support agile development of secure software.

Agile refers to an iterative software development approach that focuses on collaboration, customer feedback, and small but rapid releases. Complex projects are handled with transparency and efficiency in an agile environment. Notably, agile is not a waterfall or spiral approach that prioritizes less content and earlier deliveries.

DevSecOps—short for development, security, and operations—is the backbone of a proper development infrastructure. DevSecOps relates to the software, integrated tools, services, and standards that enable our partners and users to develop, deploy, and operate applications in a secure, flexible, and interoperable fashion.

In short, DevSecOps is the enabling infrastructure for an agile software development process. And that’s where we come in.

We focus on facilitating proper development of quality software. The development infrastructure, and how that infrastructure is configured, often determines success or failure.

Our DevSecOps team at Gray Analytics has a long history of critical and sensitive DevSecOps support. We led the development of the infrastructure used to build one of our nation’s missile defense next generation platforms—securing the development infrastructure of the systems that protect our homeland.

How Gray Analytics Can Help

We can ensure your business and software development are set up for success from day one. We will work with you to understand your development requirements and market space to design the most practical environment for your needs. We strive to balance sensible designs with your needs and available resources.

We offer a suite of DevSecOps services to support your development of secure and agile software. Whether you just need ad hoc scans to assess things like software quality and security, or if you need us to stand up a dedicated DevSecOps environment in the cloud or on premise, our team is able to design a solution that fits your needs and provides the assurances of security and efficiency.

With the help of our DevSecOps team, we facilitate the creation and operation of development infrastructure that enables:

  • Code Examination – consistently analyze code using predefined tools and procedures to identify anomalies
  • Rapid Bug Response – bug and security fixes take minutes instead of weeks/months
  • Change Management – track new or modified code with built-in tools and functions to ensure it works as designed with other software items
  • Cyber Compliance – ensure your cyber requirements are implemented and functioning properly during the design stage
  • Threats & Risk – identify emerging threats and/or risks to the software/product prior to delivery
  • Vulnerability Assessment – identify and analyze new weaknesses and allow for sufficient time to resolve prior to delivery
  • Training – support all users with required security training

We use a variety of market-leading tools to facilitate DevSecOps automation and can design a solution that fits your needs. At Gray Analytics, we take the time to understand your unique circumstances, requirements, and needs when developing a DevSecOps infrastructure that is right for you and your company.

As a growing small business, we pride ourselves on maintaining our portfolio of clients within a manageable level so that we can focus our best resources on our clients and not stretch ourselves too thin across an over bloated portfolio of clients.

Cybersecurity is a Core Component of a Secure DevSecOps Environment

A properly configured DevSecOps infrastructure provides software and application developers with speed, automation, efficiency, quality, and the assurance of robust cybersecurity. We are cybersecurity experts that believe it is critical to adhere to today’s cybersecurity standards and best practices to ensure your DevSecOps infrastructure allows for continuous, iterative development with the protection of proper cybersecurity hygiene baked in.

From an executive’s standpoint, a secure and reliable infrastructure reduces overall cost, reduces scheduling delays, increases customer satisfaction, increases the ability to implement new product features, and ultimately leads to increased revenue. There is no question that investing early in a properly designed DevSecOps infrastructure will make your company more profitable and your new software product or application more successful.

Engage us to support your development of secure and agile software.

Gray Analytics’ unique blend of federal and commercial experience makes us an ideal choice to support your DevSecOps infrastructure needs.