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Huntsville Kidney Walk of Champions

AFK Huntsville Kidney Walk Celebration

At the beginning of 2021, CEO of Thompson Gray and Gray Analytics Ron Gray and his wife Cindy Gray were selected to be the Honorary Walk Chairs for the Alabama Kidney Foundation’s (AKF) annual Huntsville Kidney Walk Celebration. The annual statewide walk raises awareness and funds for low income kidney-dialysis patients of Alabama. 

Alabama ranks first in the number of dialysis patients per capita in the United States. AKF focuses on providing education, support and financial assistance to Alabamians who are in need. The organization connects patients to experts who can provide information on dialysis treatment, mental health services and transplant surgery. About 2,000 Alabamians are on the transplant list waiting for a kidney, and many of those patients rely on AKF’s services.

“Out of all the transplants needed, the kidney is the most needed in the state of Alabama,” says AKF Development and Communications Director Rebecca Smith. “A kidney transplant is the best treatment for kidney failure, but while patients wait, AKF helps them stay on schedule with their dialysis treatments by providing financial aid, transportation and educational resources, which helps them sustain life.”

At the core of Thompson Gray and Gray Analytics is the desire to give back to the community. Through the companies’ community giving initiatives, TG Together and G2 – Gray Analytics Gives, the organizations planned a drive-by celebration for the day of the event complete with music, t-shirts and photo opportunities. The two companies donated a combined $30,000 to the Huntsville Kidney Walk. 

“Kidney disease affects patients across all spectrums, all income levels and all races. Many people in our state are facing this disease and need assistance, which AKF provides,” says Ron. “It’s mine, Cindy’s and our companies’ honor to be able to support this organization.”

The Huntsville Walk alone raised more than $92,000 thanks to fundraising partners and generous donations of individuals and companies across the Huntsville community. The statewide Kidney Walk in total raised $630,000, which will go back to Alabama families affected by kidney disease. We’re grateful to have been part of this worthy cause and support our fellow Alabamians in need.

Watch coverage from the day of the event here: https://whnt.com/news/state-kidney-foundation-hosts-awareness-walk-in-huntsville/

To make a donation to the Alabama Kidney Foundation, visit: http://alkidney.org/