Gray Analytics Launches Community Giving Initiative Gray Gives

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Gray Analytics Launches Community Giving Initiative Gray Gives

Gray Analytics Launches Gray Gives


Cindy and I are pleased to announce the official launch of Gray Analytics’ community giving initiative, Gray Gives (G2). Throughout our careers, it’s been a passion to foster positivity and growth in the areas where we live and where our companies serve, and over the years it has been our great honor to support numerous non-profit organizations, school programs, community events and notable causes through Gray Analytics. Now, through G2, we will continue giving back to the places we call home, just under a new name.

It has always been extremely important to Cindy and me that we involve our employees in the corporate giving process and support causes that matter to them. Gaccomplishes this through our Quarterly and Annual Giving Programs. Each year, Gray Analytics employees can donate $350, through G2, to an organization or cause of their choice. Also, on a quarterly basis, employees are encouraged to nominate organizations to receive a larger donation of up to $1500.

Beyond employee nominations, G2 also makes more sizable donations throughout each year to select causes. Gray Analytics served as a major donor for the Alabama Kidney Foundation’s 2021 Huntsville Kidney Walk. The annual event’s proceeds serve Alabama’s kidney patients by providing education, resources and support as they await life-saving treatments and transplants.

It is due to the hard work of all Gray Analytics employees that G2 has the ability to donate, volunteer and raise awareness about important issues. We are endlessly proud of our team, because we know that togetherwe can create lasting, positive change in our communities.

Thank you,

Ron Gray, CEO of Gray Analytics

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